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AR/VR Developer and IT Programmer

  2021-08-12     Quantum University     735 Bishop St #200  

Quantum University is looking for an individual to join our team as a full-time AR/VR Developer and IT Programmer in Honolulu, Hawaii.  

You will be responsible for developing interactive AR/VR experiences that are compatible with multiple delivery platforms, programming our education programs on VR and other IT devices for student learning, and overseeing the management and security of IT infrastructure in the workplace

Please share examples and details of at least one fully developed VR or AR product shipped to a paying client.


VR/AR Development

  • Effectively set up a Unity/Unreal Engine or Similar project for the desired delivery platform including required packages and SDKs.

  • Write clear and concise code in C# with comments, headers, and support documentation for custom classes and methods

  • Be able to break down SDKs through demo projects and online documentation when building for unfamiliar and/or new hardware

  • Work with existing code structure as well as design your own to improve processes and functionality

  • Develop applications for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Oculus, HTC etc.

  • Running tests and code reviews

IT Programming and Administration

  • Preloading all unique student programs on education devices such as iPad, Tablet and VR Headset 

  • Write code or run scripts for effective time management when programming and preloading education devices 

  • Maintaining, debugging and troubleshooting systems and software to ensure that everything is running smoothly at all times

  • Working with Office Admin to ship education devices to students

  • Running tests and code reviews 

  • Overall management of IT infrastructure in the office including:

    • Monitoring and maintaining networks and servers

    • Working with the Office Admin to ensure safety and security with all IT equipment in the office 

    • Upgrading, installing and configuring new hardware and software where required

    • Implementing security protocols and procedures to prevent potential threats

    • Performing diagnostic tests and debugging procedures to optimize computer systems

    • Documenting processes, as well as backing up and archiving data

    • Developing data retrieval and recovery procedures

    • Designing and implementing efficient end-user feedback and error reporting systems

    • Supervising and mentoring IT department employees, as well as providing IT support

    • Keeping up to date with advancements and best practices in IT administration



  • Attend team meetings to discuss current project status and upcoming projects

  • Take ownership of assigned projects as the lead to ensure quality development while meeting deadlines

  • Work closely with President, Head of Marketing and Creative Producer/Animator to effectively collaborate and communicate ideas, obstacles, and solutions

  • Work under tight deadlines and changing priorities

  • Address any challenges with technology by applying knowledge of technical capabilities / implementations and limitations

  • Bring a proactive approach to working with partners and team members

  • Learn about and share information on new and upcoming technologies



  • Bachelors or equivalent experience and proven documentation

  • Dedicated and focused work ethic with an ability to stay self-motivated as well as work with a team

  • Proficient in Unity, Unreal Engine and Similar 

  • Proficient in C#

  • Able to develop AR/VR using Image Target Recognition, Object Recognition & Plane Detection for mobile devices and wearables

  • Demonstrate ability to work through the full software lifecycle (designing, coding, debugging, and documenting applications).

  • Able to analyze and improve application performance using Unity's built-in analytical tools and external tools (ADB, Visual Studio, Xcode, etc.) & similar 

  • Work directly with President, Head of Marketing and Creative Producer/Animator to ensure that their vision is shared with your ability to build features and functionality for a seamless and professional XR experience

  • Build and maintain core engine components, pipelines, and tools on multiple hardware platforms

  • Be able to build a project specifically for URP including post-processing

  • Demonstrate ability to discover and fix errors in code

  • Have strong organizational skills with a good sense of design

  • Demonstrate outstanding communication skills

  • Basic understanding of 3D modeling software 

  • Solid understanding of 3D rigging and animation as it pertains to Unity

  • Ability to create custom animations using IK and layers in Unity

  • Extensive experience with IT systems, networks, and related technologies.

  • Solid knowledge of best practices in IT administration and system security.

  • Exceptional leadership, organizational, and time management skills.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills


  • Experience building GPS Enabled AR

  • Experience with Multi-player VR networking and/or PUN

  • Voice Recognition API integration

  • System-level Machine Vision and Machine Learning for AR

  • Haptic glove integration and other specialized peripherals for VR

  • Experience with Reallusion iClone

  • Experience with motion capture such as Perception Neuron

  • Experience publishing to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

  • Experience working with Arduino and Bluetooth devices for custom integration in Unity


  • UE4 – expert, including:

    • C++ source

    • C# source

    • Plugin structure

    • In-editor tooling (blutilities & other)

    • Runtime blueprints

  • Visual Studio Community – expert

  • Git – intermediate

  • SourceTree – nice to have

  • Visual Studio Code – nice to have

  • Python – nice to have

  • HTML, JS, NodeJS – nice to have

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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