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Executive Pastor

  2021-02-28     New Hope Leeward     94-050 Farrington Hwy, C2  

The Executive Pastor is the primary, key partner of the Senior Pastor. Together, they work closely with the Church Council and Executive Team to ensure the church is functioning properly and to provide short-term and long-term strategy and vision. In addition, the EP oversees the Central Department of the church as well as the church's school.

Executive Pastoral Duties

  • Partner with the Senior Pastor to oversee and shepherd the Executive Team

  • Partner with the Senior Pastor to promote and carry out the church's vision and mission

  • Partner with the Senior Pastor in making wise business decisions so that our church operates responsibly in the areas of finances and other corporate aspects

Central Department Duties

  • Oversee and shepherd all Central ministries employees

  • Work closely with the Central Administrator

  • Ensure all ministries are functioning optimally and abiding by the law (Accounting, Human Resources, etc.)

School Duties

  • Oversee and shepherd our Principal

  • Partner with the Principal to oversee and carry out various business aspects such as: finances, vision, future, strategy, advertising, etc.

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