How to Conduct a Safe Online Job Search

If you are seeking a new job, there is 10 out of 10 chance you will be browsing for openings (and probably applying) online. The internet isn’t always a safe place, however, and carrying out an outline search/application does carry risks. It is however, possible to keep running your search on the web without putting yourself at risk of identity theft or other pitfalls. While you are applying for jobs in Maui here are some steps that will keep your search safe.

1. Omit certain information from your resume: there is no need to include your home address on your resume these days, which is one bit of information you may not want on a job board for the whole world to see. If you want to take even more safety measures, The Wall Street Journal recommends setting up temporary cell phone numbers and/or email addresses to further protect your personal information.

2. Make use of the privacy features on job sites: many job sites offer privacy features that you can make use of during your job search, such as the ability to limit the number of people that can view your resume.

3. Be aware of your social media presence: this doesn’t necessarily relate directly to identity theft or fraud, but it has everything to do with common sense and does impact your ability to get hired. If there is anything (such as embarrassing and/or inappropriate photos or posts) on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or some other social networking site that a potential employer can access, get rid of it. If you have to think hard on whether something is inappropriate, it probably is.

By Kyle Wise

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